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Lighted Boat Parade



Lighted Boat Parade


Santa Cruz, CA

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  • Please be in the harbor channel before judging starts at 5:30pm.
  • Monitor VHF channel 68 for important parade information.
  • Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket.  All participants are encouraged to wear life jackets while on board.
  • Route:  Boats are to enter the main channel with caution and proceed in a counter-clockwise direction around a bouy near the bridge to just past the Crow's Nest.  Please circle at the outer-end of the channel. 
  • Boats must make a minimum of 3 passes by the judges (stationed by the Crow's Nest) to qualify for an award.
  • Placards will be distributed onsite at the club at check-in the day of the event.  Placards must be displayed on the starboard (RIGHT) side in clear view for the judges as boats pass the Crow's Nest.
  • Stay alert and beware of unusual currents in the channel. Keep a safe distance from other participant boats.
  • If you need to unload/load passengers once the parade has begun, please turn out of the channel and proceed to a dock.
  • At the conclusion of the parade, please return the placards to the club and stick around for awards.  Must be present to win!


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